3A-6TS-FOIL, Main view


Tec Sys Messenger Einsatztasche
Gen. 1.1
Third Arm (3A)
Price: 1,587.00 EUR

3A-6TS is the 3A-5's bigger badder brother. Next gen shape shifter. Dual mode compression: Top-down protects items on the grid. Bottom-up stabilizes the main compartment. Dual mode lid. Roll-in for fast main and grid access. Roll-out for full weather protection and grid lock down. Expanded TEC SYS grid for mission versatility. Recut main compartment means more storage space and a bag that stands up when you put it down. Includes 3A-L1-17 inch laptop sleeve and removable dual internal pockets. ǍCROŇYMř / BAGJACKř axis of evolution.

Based on technology derived from competition sailcloth, the FOIL F3 composite fabric delivers an exceptional use to weight ratio and a broken by design visual signature. The outer face of the fabric will crease and deform over time, creating irregularities that are intrinsic to the fabric. Surface deformation will vary with type and style of use.

Fabric technology

  • Fabric Technology
  • X-Pac®
  • (78% PA, 22% PES)
  • Fabric made in USA


_ [ + 8 × 31 × 42 cm ] Compressed
_ [ + 18 × 41 × 42 cm ] Expanded
Weight: 1478g (Including removable parts)



Rows: 4
Channels: 17


QLQRǽ Strap Assembly
_50-50 mm shoulder strap [ Removable ]
_3-point QLQR unit

Pockets: 5
_External: 1
_Internal: 4 [ With laptop sleeve ]


17 Zoll laptop sleeve [ Removable ]
50-50 mm 3-point shoulder strap [ Removable ]
Main compartment liner [ Removable ]
Internal pockets: 2 [ Removable ]
Internal back pad [ Removable ]
Shoulder pad [ Removable ]

Interface with

All ǍCROŇYMř 3RD ARM Modular [ M ] pockets
3A-L1 laptop sleeves

Actual product may differ from images.

3A-6TS-FOIL, Main view
3A-6TS-FOIL, Front view [ Expanded ]
3A-6TS-FOIL, Front view [ Lid rolled in ]
3A-6TS-FOIL, Right quarter
3A-6TS-FOIL, Right side
3A-6TS-FOIL, Right rear quarter
3A-6TS-FOIL, Back view
3A-6TS-FOIL, Left rear quarter
3A-6TS-FOIL, Left side
3A-6TS-FOIL, Left quarter
3A-6TS-FOIL, With 2x 3A-MK1 and 2x 3A-MK3 [ Not included ]
3A-6TS-FOIL, Kompression buckle detail
3A-6TS-FOIL, Roll-in buckle detail
3A-6TS-FOIL, 3-point QLQRǽ unit on 50-50 MM shoulder strap
3A-6TS-FOIL, Interior detail
3A-6TS-FOIL, Dual internal pockets detail [ Removable ]
3A-6TS-FOIL, 3A-L1-17 Laptop sleeve [ 17 Zoll ] [ Removable. Included. ]
3A-6TS-FOIL, 3A-L1-17 Laptop sleeve [ 17 Zoll ] [ Removable. Included. ]
3A-6TS-FOIL, Internal pocket [ Removable. Included 2x. ]
3A-6TS-FOIL, 3A-L1-17 Laptop sleeve [ 17 Zoll ]
3A-6TS-FOIL, 3A-L1-17 Laptop sleeve with RMT-01 [ Not included. ]