Cashllama Neck Gaiter
Gen. 1
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One of the simplest and most adaptive neck gaiters we have ever designed. A turtleneck sweater without the sweater. NG11 can be worn flat, or folded and doubled up, depending on fit and temperature. High elasticity of the 2 x 2 rib means it can also be worn as a face mask. Combine with BK1-AK for maximum versatility.

Rib: 2 × 2

Gauge: 7

Count: 2/30 × 5 plies

Fabric technology

  • CASHLLAMA WOOL finest quality
  • (100% WO)
  • LlamaSoft® dehairing technology
  • Average fiber diameter 20.5-21.1 microns
  • Made in Bolivia


One size

Weight: 48 g