IMG 01
Main view [ Color: Black ]
Left Hand Interops Einsatztasche
Type 3A Gen. 1.3 Style Third Arm

Price 1,271.00 EUR


The original ACRONYM® 3RD ARM bag in a left-handed version. Asymetrical dynamical hybrid system. German military hardware. Ergonomic patterns. Kinaesthetic intent. Cadence, speed, and practicality in a use-driven adaptive load bearing system.

Based on technology derived from competition sailcloth, the new X-Pac® composite fabric delivers an exceptional use to weight ratio and a highly resilient exterior face.

Fabric Technology

  • X-Pac®
  • (78% PA, 22% PES)
  • Made in USA


_ [ + 27 × 42 cm ]
Weight: 626 g (Including removable parts)




Line I/Oǽ [ Gates: 3 ]
QLQRǽ Strap Assembly
_25-50 mm shoulder strap [ Removable ]
_QLQR unit

Pockets: 8
_External: 5 [ Mezzanine: 2 ]
_Internal: 3


25-50 mm shoulder strap [ Removable ]
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IMG 01
Main view [ Color: Black ]
IMG 02
Right quarter
IMG 03
Right side
IMG 04
Right rear quarter
IMG 05
Back view
IMG 06
Left rear quarter
IMG 07
Left side
IMG 08
Left quarter
IMG 09
Interior pockets detail
IMG 10
Interior pockets detail
IMG 11
Interior pockets detail
IMG 12
Line I/Oǽ gates detail
IMG 13
Line I/Oǽ gates detail
IMG 14
Size 8 metal 2-way zip closure
IMG 15
Mezzanine pocket detail
IMG 16
Mezzanine pocket detail
IMG 17
Size 5 WR zip side access detail
IMG 18
2-point QLQRǽ unit on 25-50 MM shoulder strap

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