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IMG 01
Front view [ Left pocket ]

Modular Zip Pockets (Pair)

Type3A Gen.1 StyleThird Arm

Price 364.02 EUR


Sold in symmetrical pairs. (Set of 2)

3A-MZ5 are Acronym modular [ M ] detached entry pockets with 5 mm reverse cam lock zip closures. Can be attached to any TS product via 25 mm Velcro® clip mounts. MOLLE/PALS compatible.

Based on technology derived from competition sailcloth, the new BLK FOIL composite fabric delivers an exceptional use to weight ratio and a broken by design visual signature. The outer face of the fabric will crease and deform over time, creating irregularities that are intrinsic to the fabric. Durability and deformation will vary with type and style of use.

Made in Germany.

Fabric Technology

  • (70% PA, 30% PES)
  • Made in USA


_ [ + 16 x 12 cm ]
Weight: 31 g





Pockets: 1
_External: 1
_Internal: 0

Interface with

All ǍCROŇYMř Tec Sys [ TS ] bags and garments

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321e566f45 w950
IMG 01
Front view [ Left pocket ]
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IMG 02
Back view [ Left pocket ]
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IMG 03
Back view with clips open [ Left pocket ]
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IMG 04
Clip detail [ Right pocket ]
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IMG 05
Clip detail [ Right pocket ]
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IMG 06
Clip detail [ Right pocket ]
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IMG 07
Clip stays
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IMG 08
Top view [ Closed ] [ Right pocket ]
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IMG 09
Top view [ Open ] [ Right pocket ]
9c33020bbd w950
IMG 10
Detail [ Right pocket ]
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IMG 11
Size 5 reverse coil cam lock zip closure
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IMG 12
Fabric detail
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IMG 13-14
Comparison: Fabric new/ Fabric used
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IMG 15
Interior detail
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IMG 16
Left and right pocket on 3A-3TS
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IMG 17
Right pocket on 3A-3TS
C91fb12a6a w950
IMG 18
8e5722d790 w950
IMG 19

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