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IMG 01
Main view [ With GT-SL2 ]

Gore-Tex® Proshell™ Dual Hybrid Blazer

TypeWP Gen.1 StyleHardshell

Price 1,200.00 EUR


A GQS-1 rated GORE-TEX® PROSHELL blazer in a multi-part sartorial form factor. Waterproof, windproof, breathable technical tailoring. Superfunktionalized. No more. No less.

The feelings of lightness and effortlessness experienced while wearing a short sleeve jacket are unique. GT-J29A combines this with the option of full GQS rated storm protection by adding Dual Hybridæ sleeves (GT-SL2), and a removable storm hood. The jacket itself is identical to J29, but has shortened, Speedlockæ hemmed sleeves. The stand alone SL2 sleeves are built around a new idea of mechanical articulation; a construction that allows for total freedom of movement without the need for stretch materials. The overlapping articulation of the sleeves also means that sleeve length can be varied by adjusting the amount of overlap. Jacket, sleeves, and hood can be worn in various combinations together or alone.

[ Shown in size: M. Fits: Profile. ]

Fabric Technology

  • (67% PA, 33% ePTFE)
  • with MICROGRID® Backer Technology
  • Guaranteed To Keep You Dry®


1/2 Chest 49.5 52.5 55.5 58.5
Length 73 76 79 82
Shoulders 14.5 15 15.5 16
Sleeves 64 66 68 70

All measurments in centimeters.

Weight: 576 g (size M, color Black, including removable parts)





Pockets: 6
_External: 6
_Internal: 0


GT-SL2 [ Removable ]
Storm Hood [ Removable ]
ForceLockǽ [ Removable ]
JacketSlingǽ [ Removable ]
Logo tape [ Removable ]

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IMG 01
Main view [ With GT-SL2 ]
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IMG 02
Left quarter [ With GT-SL2 ]
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IMG 03
Back view [ With GT-SL2 ]
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IMG 04
Right rear quarter [ With GT-SL2 ]
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IMG 05
Right quarter [ With GT-SL2 ]
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IMG 06
Left quarter with GT-SL2 and Storm Hood
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IMG 07
With GT-SL2 and Storm Hood
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IMG 08
Full view [ Worn over DS-LA3 ]
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IMG 09
Worn over DS-LA3 with storm flaps up
1c381b83d2 w470
IMG 10
Left rear quarter [ Worn over DS-LA3 ]
6501cf3b05 w470
IMG 11
Back view [ Worn over DS-LA3 ]
A86114120d w470
IMG 12
Worn over DS-LA3 with storm flaps down
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IMG 13
Worn without sleeves
A966ec9a95 w470
IMG 14
Worn without sleeves
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IMG 15
Storm flaps down
452e7f5f22 w470
IMG 16
Storm flaps up
E73be936ee w470
IMG 17
Logo tape [ Removable ]
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IMG 18
Acronymř Sound Forcelockǽ [ Removable ] [ Pat. ]
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IMG 19
Back view with Storm Hood
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IMG 20
SpeedLockǽ shock cord sleeve cuff
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IMG 21
Pocket array [ L and R side ]
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IMG 22
Holster pocket [ L and R side ]
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IMG 23
Front pocket [ L and R side ]
7534693141 w470
IMG 24
Side pocket [ L and R side ]
2fd220dc6a w470
IMG 25
JacketSlingǽ [ Removable ]
867dad90f3 w470
IMG 26
JacketSlingǽ [ Removable ]
E5b7fc3859 w470
IMG 27
GT-SL2 worn without jacket
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IMG 28
GT-SL2 worn without jacket
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IMG 29
GT-SL2 worn without jacket [ Cuffs open and up ]
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IMG 30
GT-SL2 worn without jacket [ Cuffs open and up ]
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IMG 31
Sleeve fit adjuster tab
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IMG 32
Overlapping mechanical articulation detail
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IMG 33
Zip cuff detail
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IMG 34
Zip cuff detail

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