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Full view [ Logo side ] with J48-SS and P30A-DS

Reversible Cashmere Hat

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Reversible 100% cashmere beanie. Casual luxury redefines perception and priority. Denser and more luxurious than ever with increased elasticity and dimensional stability. Ownership permanently and significantly increases the unwearability of all other beanies. If you lose it, you will cry. If not, it could be the last beanie you ever buy.

Should your H1-KR wet out in the rain, you can decrease its dry time by extending its inner and outer layers away from each other (reach in and pull, flattening it into an oval shape). Laying the flattened beanie on the radiator in this state will dry the inside and outside of the beanie at the same time.

Fabric Technology

  • 100% WORSTED CASHMERE WOOL finest quality
  • Made in Japan


One size
Weight: 114 g
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IMG 01
Full view [ Logo side ] with J48-SS and P30A-DS
IMG 02
Front view
IMG 03
Right quarter
IMG 04
Main view [ Logo side ] [ Wordmark design: NESM ]
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Main view [ Solid side ]
IMG 06
Hem doubled
IMG 07
Hem doubled
IMG 08
Hem doubled
IMG 09
Knit detail

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