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IMG 01
Main view [ With J29-PX, LA6B-AD ]

Air Jet Wool Hat

TypeNTS Gen.1 StyleNext To Skin

Price 284.00 EUR


H5-AJ is the first ǍCROŇYMř accessory made using the remarkable Babyllama Air Jet Wool construction. Minimalist utility and luxury deliver organic comfort and well-being in a way no other beanie can. Loose hollowcore Babyllama fibers are injected into a tubular nylon yarn yielding insulation above and beyond expected volume to weight ratios. So light you will forget you are wearing it. Handmade high-tech.

Fabric Technology

  • (80% WL, 20% PA)
  • LlamaSoft® dehairing technology
  • Average fiber diameter 20.5-22.5 microns
  • Made in Bolivia


One size
Weight: 46 g
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IMG 01
Main view [ With J29-PX, LA6B-AD ]
IMG 02
Right quarter [ With J29-PX, LA6B-AD, P30A-DS ]
IMG 03
Right rear quarter
IMG 04
Back view
IMG 05
Left quarter
IMG 06
Left quarter
IMG 07
Front view
IMG 08
Right quarter
IMG 09
Knit detail
IMG 10
Knit detail
IMG 11
Flat view
IMG 12
Main view [ With J44-SD, P30A-DS ]
IMG 13
Right quarter
IMG 14
IMG 15
Full view
IMG 16
Front view
IMG 17
Right quarter
IMG 18
Left quarter
IMG 19
Full view [ With J44-SD ]
IMG 20
Full view [ With J44-SD ]

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