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Main view [ With NG5-PU, S18-BR, P31A-DS ]

Cashllama Silk Blend Hand Gaiter

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Fully fashioned hand gaiters in a lightweight Cashllama wool and silk blend knit construction. HG1's unique 'wrap' pattern is made from a single engineered knit panel which ergonomically spirals around the hand. The length of the glove can be regulated by doubling or unfurling the cuff. Can also be worn 'wristband style' by folding and flattening the thumb anchor inwards.

[ Shown in size: M ]

Fabric Technology

  • (70% WO, 30% SE)
  • CASHLLAMA WOOL finest quality
  • LlamaSoft® dehairing technology
  • Average fiber diameter 20.5-21.1 microns
  • Made in Bolivia


Weight: 29 g (pair)
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IMG 01
Main view [ With NG5-PU, S18-BR, P31A-DS ]
IMG 02
Full view
IMG 03
Forearm at full length
IMG 04
Forearm at half length [ Folded over once ]
IMG 05
Palmar detail
IMG 06
Dorsal detail
IMG 07
Thumb articulation detail
IMG 08
Fully fashioned knit construction
IMG 09
Dorsal detail
IMG 10
Palmar detail

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