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IMG 01
Full view [ With P15-S ]

3L Leather Jacket

TypeWR Gen.1 StyleHardshell

Price 3,697.00 EUR


Sheathe yourself in the newest J40 iteration; this time in ACR_NMN custom, 3-layer leather. When you do, you'll appreciate J40's perfectly balanced physics and factors. The placement of the detached entry pockets. The freedom and ingenuity of the shoulder articulation. The all-season flexibility of the cf expansion panel (going from fitted spring shell to bulked up winter overlayer with a single zip).

New exterior chest pockets are designed to be fully JacketSling compatible, and remain accessible with J40-L slung or worn.

Versuchsobjekt*. J40-L is an experimental piece built in partnership with our friends at Nemen. A combination of Acronym design with Nemen materials and treatments; it fuses Acronymjutsu with Made in Italy production processes and treatments.

[ *This item has been built and treated using special processes. The imperfections and irregularities present in its color and construction are intrinsic characteristics that increase its uniqueness and value and should not be considered flaws. ]

[ Shown in size: M. Fits: PROFILE ]

Fabric Technology

  • (78% LEA, 11% PES, 11% PU)
  • Water-resistant, Windproof, Breathable
  • Made in Italy with Japanese membrane


1/2 Chest 53 56 59 62
Length 66 69 72 75
Shoulders 14.5 15 15.5 16
Sleeves 68 70 72 74
Weight: 1620 g (size M, including removable parts)



Pockets: 4
_External: 4
_Internal: 0



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2897a23c69 w950
IMG 01
Full view [ With P15-S ]
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IMG 02
Front view
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IMG 03
Right quarter
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IMG 04
Right rear quarter
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IMG 05
Back view with JacketSlingæ external [ Removable ]
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IMG 06
Left rear quarter
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IMG 07
CF zip open [ 8 MM zip closure ]
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IMG 08
With center front expansion panel
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IMG 09
Center front expansion panel
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IMG 10
Left quarter
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IMG 11
Main view
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IMG 12
Detached entry pocket detail [ L and R sides ]
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IMG 13
JacketSlingæ [ Exterior mount ] [ Removable ]
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IMG 14
JacketSlingæ [ Exterior mount ] [ Removable ]
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IMG 15
JacketSlingæ [ Exterior mount ] compatible pockets
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IMG 16
JacketSlingæ [ Exterior mount ] compatible pockets

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