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IMG 01
Full view [ With P23A-S ]

2L Gore-Tex Infinium™ Climashield® Coat

TypeWR Gen.1.1 StyleInsulator

Price 1,900.00 EUR


J46 is an old dog with an arsenal of new tricks. Climashield® continuous filament insulation on the inside. New Gore-Tex Infinium® shell fabric on the outside. Press buttons and an 8 MM 2-way metal zip protect the center line. An additional 5 MM zip ingeniously converts the collar to protect your neck. Despite being able to pack down into the convertible collar, the new stowable Storm Hood is one of our finest ever. Two front facing flap pockets nod to tradition; while 2 canted WR zipped back pockets have an eye on the approaching horizon. All held together by impeccable Acronym tailoring, and an internally or externally deployable JacketSlingæ.

Gore-Tex Infinium® is a completely new type of GORE-TEX® laminate. It shifts focus from toughness to softness, from resistance to well being. A new proprietary technology forms a component fabric with persistent beading and extremely low water pick up. This means no bulky face fabric is needed. The result is comfort and quiet unlike anything before it.

The laminated face of the fabric will 'break-in' and develop its own individual shine and patina with time. Durability and appearance will vary with type and style of use. Additionally, we advise the user to adhere to the following care instructions to ensure fabric integrity and longevity:

_Z-strength warning: Under no circumstances should adhesives (stickers, glue, tape, etc.) of any type be applied to the surface of this fabric. Removal of such adhesives may cause the laminate to split along the z-axis causing partial delamination and discoloration of the fabric.

_Never attach pins, needles or staples to the fabric.

_Zip up the garment before washing. Place garment in a wash bag and machine wash cold with liquid detergent. Rinse twice. Do not use powder detergent, fabric softener or bleach. No Ironing.

[ Shown in size: M ]

[ Fits: STRAIGHT ]

Fabric Technology

  • GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Product Technology shell fabric
  • (61% ePTFE, 39% PA)
  • With persistent beading
  • CLIMASHIELD® continuous filament insulation
  • (100% PES)


1/2 Chest 59.5 62.5 65.5 68.5
Length 93 96 99 102
Shoulders 15.5 16 16.5 17
Sleeves 69.5 71.5 73.5 75.5

All measurements in centimeters.

Weight: 644 g (size M, including removable parts)





Pockets: 6
_External: 4
_Internal: 2


ForceLockǽ [ Removable ]
JacketSlingǽ [ Removable ]
Logo tape [ Removable ]

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Eae432959e w950
IMG 01
Full view [ With P23A-S ]
77e2696e80 w950
IMG 02
Right quarter
Fe037ca938 w950
IMG 03
Right rear quarter with JacketSlingǽ external [ Removable ]
79fe5b182d w950
IMG 04
Back view with JacketSlingǽ external [ Removable ]
3a49de3461 w950
IMG 05
Left rear quarter with JacketSlingǽ external [ Removable ]
46167a6190 w950
IMG 06
Left quarter
80615d8df3 w950
IMG 07
Full view
9125815651 w950
IMG 08
Collar down and lower front pocket flaps tucked inside pocket
67c1d5713e w950
IMG 09
Collar up and and lower front pocket flaps out
Ebbb250a5c w950
IMG 10
Left quarter with Storm Hood stowed
D3a6a1fb15 w950
IMG 11
Left quarter with Storm Hood unpacked
80591da502 w950
IMG 12
Back view with Storm Hood unpacked
5c46ccc2b7 w950
IMG 13
Right quarter with Storm Hood on
01930f56db w950
IMG 14
Side view with Storm Hood on
8f03270b46 w950
IMG 15
Right quarter with Storm Hood on [ CF closure open ]
77cb223214 w950
IMG 16
JacketSlingǽ [ Exterior mount ] [ Removable ]
23ecefe81d w950
IMG 17
JacketSlingǽ [ Exterior mount ] [ Removable ]
2e6b4b90a7 w950
IMG 18
Storm Hood detail
Ff89d3ea0d w950
IMG 19
Storm Hood detail
Eecec9d25f w950
IMG 20
Storm Hood detail
C09afc8f15 w950
IMG 21
Storm Hood detail [ Cinched ]
F113e653cd w950
IMG 22
Storm Hood detail [ Cinched ]
9cb152007d w950
IMG 23
Storm Hood detail [ Cinched ]
655a2dd7f5 w950
IMG 24
Collar detail
7cde0652fd w950
IMG 25
Acronymř Sound Forcelockǽ [ Removable ] [ Pat. ]
41ef9b688c w950
IMG 26
Acronymř Sound Forcelockǽ [ Removable ] [ Pat. ]
F0f5d7dc24 w950
IMG 27
Logo tape [ Removable ]
A690805a2d w950
IMG 28
Logo tape [ Removable ]
B76d6af6d5 w950
IMG 29
Logo tape [ Removable ]
3e6032e90e w950
IMG 30
CF closure [ Open ]
169037d819 w950
IMG 31
CF closure [ Partially closed ]
8b3e4f82a8 w950
IMG 32
CF closure [ Collar zip only ]
19e07a0226 w950
IMG 33
Collar down
E6512947b0 w950
IMG 34
Collar detail
3f3cd1d395 w950
IMG 35
Lower front pocket [ L and R side ] [ Flap tucked inside pocket ]
F28e6e03ae w950
IMG 36
Velcro cuff adjustment detail
F3b2a6e21a w950
IMG 37
JacketSlingǽ compatible interior pockets [ L and R sides ]
F4a50f64e0 w950
IMG 38
Lower side pockets [ 5 MM WR zip closure ]
B4e7a5946a w950
IMG 39
JacketSlingǽ [ Exterior mount ] [ Removable ]
1f38fd578b w950
IMG 40
JacketSlingǽ [ Exterior mount ] [ Removable ]
Dc5995349d w950
IMG 41
JacketSlingǽ [ Exterior mount ] [ Removable ]
9ebd2a1d90 w950
IMG 42
JacketSlingǽ [ Exterior mount ] [ Removable ]
8d5886b38b w950
IMG 43
JacketSlingǽ [ Interior mount ] compatible pockets
93f3b037ec w950
IMG 44
JacketSlingǽ [ Interior mount ] compatible pockets
7ceac28330 w950
IMG 45
Left quarter with P23A-S, S14-AM
9666185ea1 w950
IMG 46
Left quarter with P23A-S, S14-AM
25673646d1 w950
IMG 47
Right quarter
09232fa452 w950
IMG 48
Front view
4ce1ad66a2 w950
IMG 49
Front view
4ba86a8741 w950
IMG 50
Front view
4a75eba14e w950
IMG 51
Collar detail

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