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IMG 01
Main view [ With P27-DS ]

2.5L Gore-Tex® Jacket

TypeWP Gen.1 StyleHardshell

Price 1,429.00 EUR


Geometry wars. Compact, scalene, and advanced, J66 is an exercise in articulation and unorthodoxy. Unique detached entry cargo pockets contain three storage locations which can be accessed from multiple positions along a continuous zipper opening. Re-engineered Storm Hood combines optimal coverage with optimal peripheral vision via one-handed shockcord cinch. Deconstructivist reverse seam allowances underscore articulation and fray with age.

2.5L GORE-TEX® product technology delivers a supple feel and reduced audio signature.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the industrial nature of this fabric as well as its high-visibility hue some stains may prove impossible to remove with cleaning. 'Strike through' of the membrane color to the outer surface of the fabric will also occur when the fabric is scored with hard objects. Reverse seam allowances will fray with age. These are an intrinsic characteristics of the fabric and construction and cannot be considered as defective.

For additional images please see: J66-GT

[ Shown in size: M. Fits: STRAIGHT ]

Fabric Technology

  • 2.5L GORE-TEX®
  • (Face fabric: 100% PES, Membrane: ePTFE)
  • With Polymer Dot Backer


1/2 Chest 58 61 64 67
Length 64 67 70 73
Shoulders 13.5 14 14.5 15
Sleeves 66 68 70 72

All measurments in centimeters.

Weight: 553 g (size M, including removable parts)




AuxZipǽ ( F )

Pockets: 4
_External: 2
_Internal: 2


ForceLockǽ [ Removable ]
JacketSlingǽ [ Removable ]
Logo tape [ Removable ]

Interface with

All ǍCROŇYMř AuxZipǽ ( M ) units

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IMG 01
Main view [ With P27-DS ]
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IMG 02
Right quarter [ With P27-DS ]
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IMG 03
Right rear quarter with JacketSlingǽ external [ Removable ]
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IMG 04
Back view
C7382e3b26 w950
IMG 05
Left rear quarter
3093141686 w950
IMG 06
Left quarter
28cdef3f07 w950
IMG 07
Front view unzipped with snap closure CF
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IMG 08
Front view unzipped with CF snap closure
3730fdad94 w950
IMG 09
Front view with Storm Hood
318b97dcce w950
IMG 10
Right quarter with Storm Hood
25e407153d w950
IMG 11
Right side with Storm Hood
Cd79846162 w950
IMG 12
Front view unzipped
F470f98b73 w950
IMG 13
Right quarter unzipped
C1a4441e51 w950
IMG 14
Interior hood stabilisation ring detail
D61566d2d0 w950
IMG 15
Acronymř Sound Forcelockǽ [ Removable ] [ Pat. ]
8d6476f7ab w950
IMG 16
Acronymř Sound Forcelockǽ [ Removable ] [ Pat. ]
E95c090243 w950
IMG 17
Logo tape [ Removable ]
33df0642de w950
IMG 18
Logo tape [ Removable ]
38bb0a63f2 w950
IMG 19
Storm Hood
D505746ecd w950
IMG 20
Storm Hood
5ff940f9c9 w950
IMG 21
Storm Hood
2cec7fa06f w950
IMG 22
Storm Hood
32a5aa1631 w950
IMG 23
Storm Hood [ Cinched ]
1890340d97 w950
IMG 24
Storm Hood [ Cinched ]
601fce2a17 w950
IMG 25
Storm Hood dart detail
1b832ac8a1 w950
IMG 26
Back view Storm Hood up
Bbf8ec8169 w950
IMG 27
Dual access detached entry cargo pocket [ L and R sides ]
5dc1f8bb74 w950
IMG 28
Dual access detached entry cargo pocket [ Horizontal access ]
4edc7023b4 w950
IMG 29
Dual access detached entry cargo pocket [ Vertical access ]
9633ee5107 w950
IMG 30
Dual access detached entry cargo pocket [ Interior vertical pocket detail ]
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IMG 31
SpeedLockǽ shockcord hem
A883e5947c w950
IMG 32
SpeedLockǽ shockcord hem
Ed2e5c18e3 w950
IMG 33
Shoulder detail
C1feeb10d0 w950
IMG 34
CF snap closure
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IMG 35
CF snap closure
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IMG 36
2.5L GORE-TEX® with Polymer dot backer
20fb12cf3b w950
IMG 37
2.5L GORE-TEX® with Polymer dot backer
5f6aee8f23 w950
IMG 38
JacketSlingǽ [ External ] [ Removable ]
62e21dd3e5 w950
IMG 39
JacketSlingǽ [ External ] [ Removable ]
F8c4e09d08 w950
IMG 40
JacketSlingǽ [ External ] [ Removable ]
Ce322eae65 w950
IMG 41
JacketSlingǽ [ External ] [ Removable ]
3e12c7da3a w950
IMG 42
Full view [ With P22-DS ]
990706e23d w950
IMG 43
Right rear quarter [ With P22-DS ]
7f2fa62e7d w950
IMG 44
JacketSlingǽ [ External ] [ Removable ]
39ac36c55a w950
IMG 45
JacketSlingǽ [ External ] [ Removable ]

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