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IMG 01
Full view with J66-GTV [ Color: RAF Green ]

HD Cotton Articulated BDU Trouser

TypeWR Gen.1.1 StyleLightshell

Price 1,452.00 EUR


The P24A raid-type BDU pocket layout is eminently practical and ergonomic, providing storage and organisation over 14 easy to access pockets. Reinforced seat and knees for durability. Traditional tailor waistband for contact comfort. Articulated fit for articulated moves. Our new detached entry cargo pockets are some of the best we have ever made; deceptively voluminous and operationally compact.

Built in military specification high-density WR cotton with a gabardine weave.

[ Shown in size: M. Fits: STRAIGHT ]

Fabric Technology

  • (100% CO)
  • Long staple, combed
  • Windproof, water repellent, breathable
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Military specification


1/2 Waist 43 45 47 49
1/2 Hem 17.5 18 18.5 19
Inseams 73.5 76 78.5 81
Outseam 102 105 108 111

All measurments in centimeters.

Weight: 719 g (size M, color Black)


Deep Pocketsæ

Pockets: 14
_External: 10
_Internal: 4

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845e2f7469 w950
IMG 01
Full view with J66-GTV [ Color: RAF Green ]
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IMG 02
Main view
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IMG 03
Right quarter
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IMG 04
Right quarter
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IMG 05
Right side
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IMG 06
Right rear quarter
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IMG 07
Right rear quarter
F18d0fe185 w950
IMG 08
Back view
Ab7f8caeb6 w950
IMG 09
Left rear quarter
5d63559ae9 w950
IMG 10
Left quarter
53c8120ecb w950
IMG 11
Full view
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IMG 12
Raid pocket [ L and R side ]
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IMG 13
Detached entry cargo pocket [ L and R side ]
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IMG 14
Phone pocket [ L and R side ]
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IMG 15
Phone pocket [ L and R side ]
Cf131020e6 w950
IMG 16
Detached entry cargo pocket [ Size 5 reverse coil zip closure ][ L and R side ]
C4f73cd007 w950
IMG 17
Phone pocket inside cargo pocket [ L and R side ]
84537cb6c1 w950
IMG 18
Phone pocket inside cargo pocket [ L and R side ]
4b65420b2b w950
IMG 19
Back pocket detail
912f5003e2 w950
IMG 20
Reinforced knee. Knee articulation
Eb602a63cb w950
IMG 21
Left quarter [ Color: Black ]
2a3a3c1ef2 w950
IMG 22
Front view [ Color: Black ]
431b506a6f w950
IMG 23
Right quarter [ Color: Black ]

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