IMG 01
Front view
Composite Nylon Cargo Pant
Type WR Gen. 1.4 Style Lightshell

Sold out


Born from the engineering requirements for a fully Acronym® dual mode pant, a new trouser form has emerged. Horizontal top-front TensionZipǽ pockets for shelf like instant access. Canted Detached Entry cargo pockets for capacious motion-stable storage. Side position zippered Deep Pocketsǽ for everything else.

A byproduct of our quest for optimal seam efficiency is the peerless P38 fit block, a new silhouette with no compromises in apparel mechanics or visual range. P38 is the new state of the art.

Available for the first time in a consumer grade product, this composite nylon is one of the all time best pant fabrics we have ever tested. Similar in characteristics to a 3 layer wwb fabric, its sandwich construction has another function entirely; namely uniting the contrasting functions of exterior resilience and interior comfort. The result is a pant that is unrivalled in both next to skin compatibility, and environment facing resistance. If price is no object, then this is currently the best all-season all-condition fabric money can buy.

[ Shown in size: M. Fits: STRAIGHT ]

Fabric Technology

  • Face Fabric (99% PA, 1% antistatic yarn)
  • Backer (65% PES, 35% CO)
  • Made in Germany


1/2 Waist 43 45 47 49 51
1/2 Hem 12 12.5 13 13.5 14
Inseam 66 68.5 71 73.5 76
Outseam 99.5 101.5 103.5 105.5 107.5

All measurments in centimeters.

Weight: 731 g (size M, color Black)


Deep Pocketsǽ

Pockets: 12
_External: 8
_Internal: 4
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IMG 01
Front view
IMG 02
Full view [ With J86-GTB ]
IMG 03
Right quarter
IMG 04
Right side
IMG 05
Right rear quarter
IMG 06
Right rear quarter
IMG 07
Back view
IMG 08
Back view
IMG 09
Left rear quarter
IMG 10
Left side
IMG 11
Left quarter
IMG 12
Left quarter
IMG 13
Left quarter [ TensionZipǽ back vent open ]
IMG 14
Mesh lined TensionZipǽ vent open [ Concealed zip closure ] [ L and R sides ]
IMG 15
TensionZipǽ vent closed [ Concealed zip closure ] [ L and R sides ]
IMG 16
Pocket array [ TensionZipǽ front pocket. Deep pocketǽ. Phone pocket. Detached entry cargo pocket ]
IMG 17
Left side [ Cuffs open ]
IMG 18
Left quarter [ Cuffs open ] [ TensionZipǽ back vent closed ]
IMG 19
Front view [ Cuffs open ]
IMG 20
Fly-front detail [ Size 8 metal zip closure ]
IMG 21
Rapid adjust elastic drawcord waistband
IMG 22
Right quarter [ TensionZipǽ front pockets open ] [ Cuffs closed ]
IMG 23
TensionZipǽ front pocket with interior attachment loops [ L and R sides ]
IMG 24
TensionZipǽ front pocket with interior attachment loops [ L and R sides ]
IMG 25
Deep Pocketsǽ [ Size 5 reverse coil zip closure ] [ L and R sides ]
IMG 26
Phone pocket detail [ L and R sides ]
IMG 27
Detached entry cargo pocket [ L and R sides ]
IMG 28
Detached entry cargo pocket detail [ Size 5 reverse coil zip closure ] [ L and R sides ]
IMG 29
Cargo pocket interior phone sleeve detail [ L and R sides ]
IMG 30
Composite Nylon face fabric detail
IMG 31
Composite Nylon backing detail

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