IMG 01
Main view [ Color: BLACK ] with S24-PR-A
Organic Cotton 8-pocket Sweatpant
Type NTS Gen. 1.0 Style Next To Skin

Price 434.00 EUR


With the addition of elasticized cuffs and our decidedly inelastic integrated waistband, P39*-PR ascends to the highest echelons of sweatpantsdom. Yes you can have first class levels of lounge and plush, and also not have to worry about dropping your phone (or, in certain situations, even your pants**). Key to this feat is our newly designed QLQRǽ 25 MM mil-spec web waistband. Built into the pants, it locks down instantly and solidly enough that, no matter how much you overload your Deep Pocketsǽ, your drip will not slip. Conversely, when the situation changes, the single pull release tab means you can exit the premises just as quickly. That's right, no compromises here... only dreams.

[ Shown in size: M. Fits: REGULAR ]

* P39 is the new 7 pocket ǍCROŇYMř trouser. With DFMA pattern making for mobility, and Deep Pocketsǽ for storage, it achieves an easy balance of comfort, utility, and casual elegance. See P39-M for additional detail images.

** Crimefaces knows

Fabric Technology

  • (100% CO)
  • Made in Portugal


1/2 Waist 42 44 46 48 50
1/2 Hem 16 16.5 17 17.5 18
Inseams 69 72 75 78 81
Outseam 95 98 101 104 107

All measurements in centimeters.

Weight: 720 g (size M, including removable parts)


Deep Pocketsǽ
QLQRǽ Web Waistband
_25 MM mil-spec webbing
_Release Tab [ Removable ]
_Web retainer loop

Pockets: 7
_External: 5
_Internal: 2
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IMG 01
Main view [ Color: BLACK ] with S24-PR-A
IMG 02
Front view
IMG 03
Right quarter
IMG 04
Right rear quarter
IMG 05
Back view
IMG 06
Left rear quarter
IMG 07
Left quarter
IMG 08
Phone pocket detail [ R side: external. L side: internal ]
IMG 09
Phone pocket detail [ R side: external. L side: internal ]
IMG 10
Deep Pockletsǽ [ L and R sides ]
IMG 11
Back pocket detail
IMG 12
Integrated QLQR 25 MM web waistband [ Pull R to tighten. Pull L (release tab) to loosen ]
IMG 13
Knee articulation dart
IMG 14
Nylon reinforced elasticized cuffs
IMG 15
Main view [ Color: COYOTE ] with J96-GT
IMG 16
Front view
IMG 17
Right quarter
IMG 18
Right quarter
IMG 19
Left rear quarter
IMG 20
Left side

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