IMG 01
Main view [ Color: ALPHA GREEN ]
sacai / ǍCROŇYMř Dress
Type NA Gen. 1 Style Hardshell

Price 1,806.00 EUR


D6012 is sacai's aesthetic reframing of the Acronym J1W-GTPL design**. Following sacai methodology, it preserves hallmark attributes while fundamentally altering volume, silhouette, and typology. It features harness-like shoulder straps and a concealable/revealable array of pleats. Made in Japan by sacai.

Shown in size: 1/S (Fa', 180 cm)

[ Fits: STRAIGHT ]

**sacai man 2022 Spring & Summer, women's 2022 Pre Spring collection

Riffing on a theme of bonding, both as a metaphor for unity and as a technique for joining together two materials - two ideas that have been at the heart of sacai since the beginning. The collection by founder and designer, Chitose Abe, is a study on sealing together two apparently disparate notions to make a new form, bringing together characteristics born of different, sometimes opposing, origins.

The ultimate expression of the idea comes courtesy of a collaboration with ACRONYM®, combining the designer Errolson Hugh's signature technical details with sacai fabrics and shapes for men and women, and, for the first time for ACRONYM®, a dress silhouette. Hugh says, 'Having known Chitose, and of course sacai, for many years, this collaboration is the ideal kind of crosspollination. And as I believe you can see from the results, it's a true blend of the philosophies of both brands, where the sum is greater than the parts.'

Fabric Technology

  • 72% PA, 28% ePTFE


1 2 3 4
1/2 Chest 47,5 50,5 52,5 54,5
Length ~117,5 ~121 ~124,5 ~128

All measurements in centimeters.

Weight: 950 g (size M, including removable parts)

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IMG 01
Main view [ Color: ALPHA GREEN ]
IMG 02
Main view [ Color: BLACK ] with P10-E and BLA-001
IMG 03
Right quarter
IMG 04
Right side
IMG 05
Right rear quarter
IMG 06
Back view
IMG 07
Left rear quarter
IMG 08
Left quarter
IMG 09
Front view
IMG 10
Pocket array detail
IMG 11
Flak pocket [ Size 5 WR TensionZipǽ closure ]
IMG 12
Flak pocket [ Size 5 WR TensionZipǽ closure ] interior sleeve detail
IMG 13
Upper pocket [ L and R sides ]
IMG 14
Lower pocket [ L and R sides ]
IMG 15
Pleat zipper detail [ L and R sides ]
IMG 16
Dual Front Zip_A: EscapeZipǽ. Dual Front Zip_B: Hem expansion zip
IMG 17
Pleat detail [ L and R sides ]
IMG 18
Pleat detail
IMG 19
Front view
IMG 20
Front view
IMG 21
Front view
IMG 22
Front view
IMG 23
JacketSlingǽ [ Removable ]
IMG 24
JacketSlingǽ [ Removable ]
IMG 25
JacketSlingǽ [ Removable ]
IMG 26
Main view [ Color: ALPHA ]
IMG 27
Right rear quarter
IMG 28
Back view
IMG 29
Left rear quarter
IMG 30
Left side
IMG 31
Left quarter [ Pleat zipper open ]
IMG 32
Left quarter [ Pleat zipper closed ]
IMG 33
Front view [ Pleat zipper closed ]
IMG 34
Right quarter with pleats extended

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