IMG 01
Main view [ Color: Black ]
sacai / ǍCROŇYMř Trench Dress
Type NA Gen. 1 Style Hardshell

Price 1,883.00 EUR


J6010 is sacai's aesthetic reframing of the Acronym J1W-GTPL design**. Following sacai methodology, it preserves hallmark attributes while fundamentally altering volume, silhouette, and typology. A trench coat and dress hybrid, it features a complex multilayer design. A vest-like top layer rests above a sleeveless coat-like under layer which descends to full dress length. Made in Japan by sacai.

Shown in size: 1/S (Fa', 180 cm)

[ Fits: STRAIGHT ]

**sacai man 2022 Spring & Summer, women's 2022 Pre Spring collection

Riffing on a theme of bonding, both as a metaphor for unity and as a technique for joining together two materials - two ideas that have been at the heart of sacai since the beginning. The collection by founder and designer, Chitose Abe, is a study on sealing together two apparently disparate notions to make a new form, bringing together characteristics born of different, sometimes opposing, origins.

The ultimate expression of the idea comes courtesy of a collaboration with ACRONYM®, combining the designer Errolson Hugh's signature technical details with sacai fabrics and shapes for men and women, and, for the first time for ACRONYM®, a dress silhouette. Hugh says, 'Having known Chitose, and of course sacai, for many years, this collaboration is the ideal kind of crosspollination. And as I believe you can see from the results, it's a true blend of the philosophies of both brands, where the sum is greater than the parts.'

Fabric Technology

  • Main Fabric 72% PA, 28% ePTFE
  • Secondary Fabric 100% PA
  • Inner Collar 90% Wool, 10% PA


1 2 3 4
1/2 Chest 53 55 57 59
Length 139 143 147 151
Shoulders 11 11,5 12 12,5

All measurements in centimeters.

Weight: 1100 g (size M, including removable parts)

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IMG 01
Main view [ Color: Black ]
IMG 02
Front view [ Color: ALPHA GREEN ]
IMG 03
Right quarter
IMG 04
Right side
IMG 05
Right rear quarter with JacketSlingǽ external [ Removable ]
IMG 06
Back view
IMG 07
Left rear quarter
IMG 08
Left side with Storm Hood on [ Removable ]
IMG 09
Left quarter with Storm Hood on [ Removable ]
IMG 10
Left quarter with drawcord waist cinched
IMG 11
Front view with drawcord waist cinched
IMG 12
Flak pocket [ Size 5 WR TensionZipǽ closure ]
IMG 13
Flak pocket [ Size 5 WR TensionZipǽ closure ]
IMG 14
Flak pocket [ Size 5 WR TensionZipǽ closure ] interior sleeve detail
IMG 15
Upper pocket [ L and R sides ]
IMG 16
Under layer detail
IMG 17
Lower pocket [ L and R sides ]
IMG 18
JacketSlingǽ [ Removable ]
IMG 19
JacketSlingǽ [ Removable ]
IMG 20
JacketSlingǽ [ Removable ]
IMG 21
Main view [ Color: Black ]
IMG 22
Right quarter with Storm Hood on [ Removable ]
IMG 23
Right rear quarter
IMG 24
Back view
IMG 25
Left rear quarter
IMG 26
Left quarter
IMG 27
Front view
IMG 28
JacketSlingǽ [ Removable ]
IMG 29
JacketSlingǽ [ Removable ]
IMG 30
JacketSlingǽ [ Removable ] with GT-SL2 and P23A-DS
IMG 31
Main view with GT-SL2

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