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Full view with J68-PL and P30A-DS

Packable Cashmere Shemagh

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Price 603.00 EUR


An effortless combination of luxury and utility, SM1-KR is a packable 100% cashmere shemagh. Soft and light almost to the point of intangibility, it self-stows into its own nylon sleeve. Its non-woven construction means that it will be wrinkle free just a few minutes after unpacking. Let your girlfriend borrow it, and you will never, ever, get it back. Approximately 60% of the size of a traditional shemagh.

Take special care with SM1-KR during the first 3–4 weeks of wearing. Its incredibly lightweight knit structure is delicate at first, but felts together with use; effectively becoming both stronger and warmer over time.

Fabric Technology

  • 100% WORSTED CASHMERE WOOL finest quality
  • Made in Japan


One size
Weight: 48 g
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IMG 01
Full view with J68-PL and P30A-DS
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Main view
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Left quarter
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Right quarter
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Stow pocket
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