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Nylon Stretch BDU Short Pant
Type WR Gen. 1 Style Lightshell

Price 544.00 EUR


Designers all dream of uncovering the ultimate military cargo short. In a hard to reach part of the world, in an unknown shop, from an unknown supplier: a design unlike anything you have seen before. Even a glance hints at the superior logic behind them. Even without trying them on, you can sense the macro level forces and circumstances that had to exist to produce them. Not fashion, but the hum of research and performance, trial and error, prototype and production. And when you wear them, you know. All your searching has led you to this artefact of human ingenuity and when the team back home... Anyways, we never did find those shorts, so we made them ourselves. And we hope whoever unearths them decades from now will be as into them as we are today.

SP29-M features: QLQRǽ 25 MM integrated web waistband with mil-spec webbing, removable release tab, and excess web retainer loop. Raid type BDU pocket layout with detached entry main cargo pockets with reverse coil zip closure, external phone pockets, internal phone sleeves, ǍCRŇMř signature web overflap back pockets, underlooped snap closure upper cargo pockets, and Deep Pocketsǽ for 14 pocket distributed content layout. Classic menswear zippered fly front. Demi-oversize fit block for zero resistance DFMA fit and wide spectrum body shape compatibility. Hard wearing, highly breathable, mil-spec stretch nylon fabrication.

[ Shown in size: M. Fits: STRAIGHT ]

Fabric Technology

  • (98% PA, 2% EL)
  • Water repellent, breathable
  • Made in USA
  • Military specification


1/2 Waist 42 44 46 48 50
1/2 Hem 30 30.5 31 31.5 32
Inseams 17 20 23 26 29
Outseam 48 51 54 57 60

All measurements in centimeters.

Weight: 290 g (size M, including removable parts)


Deep Pocketsǽ
QLQRǽ Web Waistband
_25 MM mil-spec webbing
_Release Tab [ Removable ]
_Web retainer loop

Pockets: 14
_External: 10
_Internal: 4
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IMG 02
Main view [ Color: GRAY ] with S25-PR-B
IMG 03
Front view
IMG 04
Right quarter
IMG 05
Right quarter
IMG 06
Right side
IMG 07
Pocket array detail [ L and R sides ]
IMG 08
Right rear quarter
IMG 09
Left rear quarter
IMG 10
Left rear quarter
IMG 11
Left quarter
IMG 12
Front view
IMG 13
Integrated QLQRǽ 25 MM web waistband [ Pull R to tighten. Pull L (release tab) to loosen ]
IMG 14
Web retainer loop
IMG 15
Deep Pockletsǽ [ L and R sides ]
IMG 16
Pocket array detail [ L and R sides ]
IMG 17
Detached entry cargo pocket [ Size 5 reverse coil zip closure ][ L and R side ]
IMG 18
Phone pocket inside cargo pocket [ L and R side ]
IMG 19
Phone pocket [ L and R sides ]
IMG 20
Raid pocket [ L and R sides ]
IMG 21
Back pocket [ L and R sides ]
IMG 22
Back pocket [ L and R sides ]
IMG 23
Main view [ Color: COYOTE ] with S25-PR-A
IMG 24
Front view
IMG 25
Right quarter
IMG 26
Right rear quarter
IMG 27
Back view
IMG 28
Right quarter [ Color: BLACK ]
IMG 29
Right rear quarter
IMG 30
Left rear quarter
IMG 31
Left quarter
IMG 32
Front view
IMG 33
Main view with S25-PR-A
IMG 34
Back view

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