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Main view [ Colour: Tri-Colour ]

Z1-J1A Poster 2-Pack

TypeSP Gen.1 StyleNA

Price 23.00 EUR


Each Z1-J1A Poster 2-Pack includes both color variants of the silkscreened Z1-J1A poster: tri-colour and mono-yellow.

From 2371 (2002) to 2.2 (2019).

Iteration and atemporality. Created to commemorate the release of J1A-GT Gen 2.2, Z1-J1A is a zine designed by David Rudnick with photographs by Phillip Koll. The complete specifications of every J1A released to date are collected herein, and each of the fifteen versions of Acronym's definitive jacket have been newly photographed for this edition.

J1A was the first ever jacket designed by Acronym. Originally conceived in the years between 1999 and 2001, it is the progenitor of the Type 2371, and of every other Acronym jacket that has followed. It is the very idea of ǍCROŇYMř rendered in physical, wearable form. A carefully balanced array of functional and aesthetic systems. Asymmetric. Dynamic. ǍCROŇYMř among equals.

Fabric Technology

  • Paper: Fedragoni X-PER,100gsm, 140gsm, 250gsm
  • Print Method: Duotone with spot Pantone


One size
_ [ 72 × 112 cm ]
Weight: 74 g [ incl. packaging ]


Typeset in Axis Tempus & Axis Tempus Infra, size 6pt.

Axis Tempus designed by David Rudnick, 2018.

Axis Tempus Infra designed by David Rudnick, 2019.

Both typefaces created specifically for use by ǍCROŇYMř and Terrain in Z1-J1A

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IMG 01
Main view [ Colour: Tri-Colour ]
IMG 02
Detail [ Tri-colour ]
IMG 03
Detail [ Tri-colour ]
IMG 04
Detail [ Tri-colour ]
IMG 05
Detail [ Tri-colour ]
IMG 06
Full view [ Colour: Mono-Yellow ]
IMG 07
Detail [ Mono-Yellow ]
IMG 08
Detail [ Mono-Yellow ]
IMG 09
Detail [ Mono-Yellow ]
IMG 10
Detail [ Mono-Yellow ]

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