NG4-PS, Front view [ Closed and up ] [ Color: BLACK ]


Modular Zippered Powerstretch® Neck Gaiter
Gen. 1.2
Next To Skin (NTS)
Price: 222.00 EUR

Deffest baddest neck gaiter of all time. Zipped up, NG4's unique ergonomic pattern fully encloses face, neck, and ears for warmth and concealment. Unzipped, it drapes around the neck like a scarf; the weight of the size 8 metal zipper naturally holding it in place. As unorthodox as it is effective. Gen 1.2 features a revised pattern and construction to decrease fabric waste, and an AuxZip ( M ) to ( M ) adapter zip, allowing it to be docked to both shell and liner garments for the first time.

Can be worn inside/under jackets with large collars and hoods, or outside/over jackets with short/no collars.

The very elastic and incredibly cozy Polartec® Powerstretch™ fabric radiates comfort across your entire microclimate.

Fabric technology

  • (52% Polyester, 39% Polyamide, 9% Elastane)

  • (52% Polyester, 39% Polyamid, 9% Elasthan)


One size

Weight: 140g


Adapter AuxZipǽ ( M ) to ( M ) [ Removable ]

Interface with

All ǍCROŇYMř AuxZipǽ ( F )
All ǍCROŇYMř AuxZipǽ ( M ) units with adapter

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