This page lists fabrics and materials used in ACRONYM® products, along with their acronyms in both English and German.

Abbreviation Full English name Deutsche Bezeichnung
AL Aluminium Aluminium
AR Aramid Aramid
CLY Lyocell Lyocell
CO Cotton Baumwolle
EL Elastane Elastan
ePE/PU Expanded Polyethylene (membrane) Expandiertes Polyethylen/Polyurethan (Membran)
ePTFE Expandiertes Polytetrafluorethylene (membrane) Expandiertes Polytetrafluorethylen (Membran)
MAC Modacrylic Modacryl
PA Polyamide Polyamid
PA6 Polyamide Polyamid
PES Polyester Polyester
PU Polyurethane Polyurethan
Ultra-PE Polyethelene Polyethylen
WO Wool Wolle